Nutracy Lifestyle - Transformation Program (offline)

Transformation Program (offline)

₹ 90,000.00 ₹ 100,000.00

4 Detox Cycles
Weekly Customised Diet Plans
Weekly One to One Consultation
Daily Follow-Ups

Gear up for a beautiful Transformation this new year! Weve come up with a 4-months program that will suit your diet, nutrition, health and lifestyle needs. Believe us, 2021 is the year to start new things, do great things and take care of yourself better! :


Program Features:

4 Detox Cycles

1. Blood Reports analysis by Dr.Rohini.
2. Weekly consultation with Dr.Rohini Patil.
3. Weekly diet plan for weight loss.
4. Daily follow up by assistant nutritionist.
5. Suggestions to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.
6. Workout Plans (Yoga + Exercise)
7. Recipes
8. Health Tips
9. Gratitude and meditation guidance
10. Tips to increase weight in a healthy manner.

11. Tips of maintaining weight on a long- term basis.
12. 24*7 online support

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