Nutracy Lifestyle - Immunity Boosting Program

Immunity Boosting Program

₹ 5,999.00 ₹ 7,000.00

Since the COVID 19 pandemic has hit the world , it has made people both physically and mentally distressed, COVID 19 has huge impact on the body of people who have contracted the virus or are recovering from it . We assist you on the path of recovery through our exclusive covid recovery program which includes-

1.Weekly Customised Diet Plans

2.Weekly One to One Consultation

3.Daily Follow-Ups

4.Workout Guide

5.30 Day support

6.Guidance on immunity boosting supplements

7.The Lifestyle Diet Diary

8. 1 box of herbal detox tea  

9. 1 box of Beauty Collagen .

10.  1 box of snack a protein energy bar

11.  E-book on Covid 19 Recovery Program.

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